Other Equipments- Crushers



Star Trace Impactors are designed for crushing hard to soft materials like Limestone, Iron ore, Coal etc.

These Impactors are available in various sizes ranging from 400mm to 1200mm diameter and width upto 2000 mm. Star Trace can offer duty impactors, specially designed for coal and similar materials.

Frame or Housing

It is fabricated from M.S. Plates and rolled steel sections with adequate stiffners to give maximum strength. Location and size of doors are selected so as to provide access to the internal parts and to facilitate easy maintenance. Side walls are provided with suitable liners. Wherever material comes into contact with walls. Bottom part of housing has thick plate flanges for foundation arrangement.

Breaker Plates/Grinding gibs

Breaker plates or Grinding gibs as applicable are made of M.S. steel castings or alloy steel castings and are bolted to the M.S. fabricated blocks. These blocks are hinged from the top and are adjustable with respect to blow bar tip circle. This arrangement facilitates product size control.


Rotor discs made from M.S. plates are keyed to the rotor shaft. Adequate size rotor shaft is supported in spherical roll bearings. Bearing blocks are resting on strong and sturdy bottom frame. Blow bars are fixed to the rotor with the help of wedge blocks.

Rotor is statically balanced so as to minimise vibrations during crushing operations. light duty impactors, M.S. plates are welded to M.S. fabricated drum. Ms steel blow bars are bolted to the M.S. brakets.


Generally main shaft bearings are having manual grease lubrication arrangement. However centralised lubrication system can be provided on request.


Impactors are driven by Squirrel cage / Slipring motor through a set of V belts. In large impactors, fluid coupling can be provided in combination with squirrel cage motor.


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