Other Equipments- Destoner


The Destoner work as a densimetric separator of the stones from the grain. It separates the different impurities by weight. Its removing system allows the separation of Small stones from grain before the other treatments. This unit is equipped with several regulation systems which allow the machine to be used for a wide range of products such as nuts, seeds, any kind of dry legumes or paddy.

The following regulations are of specific interest:

  • Regulation of the product flow.
  • Regulation of the speed of the air according to the density of the product to destone.
  • Sieves angle adjusting system in order to make easier the separation by gravity.
  • Stones outlet control to prevent any obstruction.
  • Sieve oscillation adjusting system, improving the production thanks to the acceleration of motion.
  • Regulation of the speed of the product outlet modifying the projection angle, in order to increase the machine production and improve the separation process.

  • Double destoner consists of two layer of sieve box fitted with Unbalanced Motors for giving vibratory movement. Complete removal of small & large Stones is ensured.

    STDS 60
    STDS 85
    13 HP
    15 HP


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