Vibrating Equipments- Dewatering Feeders


900 x 1400 mm dewatering feeders driven by two overhead
mounted vibratory motors and using polyurethane
drainage panels.

Star Trace Dewatering Feeders are designed to fulfill two basic requirments; remove the excess moisture and regulate the feedrate of the processing equipment.

Head feed to mineral processing equipments often contains excessive moisture adversely affecting the performance of such equipment.

Polyurthane or stainless steel wedge wire screen panels on the feeder pan allow the water to pass through, drying the solids in the feed.

The vibratory motors can either be mounted below and to the rear of the pan, or overhead. Overhead mounting allows maximum area of drainage panel.

Units range in size from 300 x 900 mm to 1200 x 2500 mm, and can be floor mounted or suspented. The feedrate can be varied by altering the out-of-balance weight settings on the vibratory motors, or by remotely controlling the speed of the motors through a frequency convertor unit.

450 x 2650 mm dewatering feeders driven by two underslung vibratory motors, and using a wedge wire drainage panel. Liners are HDPE.


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