Vibrating Equipments- Electro Magnetic Vibrator



Star Trace Electro Magnetic vibrators are connected to an a. c. supply system with protective conductor by means of a power unit. Power unit are required for the operation of the vibratory units at the prescribed oscillation frequency and for the continuous and practically powerless open or closed loop control of the oscillation amplitude, and hence of the delivery flow.

A complete range of modules ensures a great variety of applications, e.g. closed - loop control of the oscillation amplitude, controlled mill feeding, the integration of conveyor units in super systems controlled by a process computer.

Technical Data:

The power units can be connected to supply systems with all the usual system voltages. Non- standard versions are available.

Suited for vibrated equipment in the working-weight range.
From 6Kg to 2100 Kg
Oscillation amplitude (depending on working weight)
Upto 2.17mm at 50 Hz oscillation ampl.
Acitve-Power Consumption
From 50W-6600W
Admissible ambient temperature
Upto 50o Celcius
Type of enclosure suitable for use in hot,damp climates
IP 55


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