Magnetic Equipments- Flexible Magnets

Flexible Magnets

The material goes through a calendering process and is formed into sheeting or strip. It can then be easily machined to size and magnetized. High-energy flexible magnet are anisotropic (oriented), whereas the regular flexible material is not.

Therefore, high-energy magnets are limited to magnetization through the Thickness, and are similar in strength to a Grade 1 ceramic magnet.

Attributes of Flexible Magnet

  • High resistance to demagnetization
  • Free form chipping, cracking or shattering Inexpensive
  • Easy fabrication and handling
  • High energy product vs. regular flexible material
  • Low curie point, not good in heat applications
  • Adhesive or plain

Applications of Flexible Magnet

  • Magnetic Assemblies
  • Motors
  • Sensors
  • Latches


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