Magnetic Equipments- Gauss Meter

Gauss Meter (Hand Held Type)

STR Model S - 20B

STR Model S - 20B is a low cost digital Hand Held instrument for measurement of d. c. magnetic fields is using Hall Probes. It has two ranges 20 K Gauss. A built in calibration facility ensures quick check of calibration. All the controls are mounted on the front panel and are clearly designed. An attractive plastic cabinet with carrying cum tilt bracket takes make the instrument light in weight and portable. LED display gives direct reading with 1 Gauss resolution on the 2k range and 10 Gauss resolution on the 20 K range. The unit is supplied with a Calibrated transverse Hall Probe of 50 mm x 1.5mm with the actual sensing area of from the tip.


The control unit consists of a constant generator, an amplifier and seven segment LED display. A constant current is made to pass through the Hall probe, which when place in a magnetic field produces a voltage proportional to the magnetic filed. This voltage is amplifier circuit and output is read on a digital panel meter calibrated in kilo gauss.

Range Full Scale : 0 to 2 and 0 to 29\0 Kilo Gauss.
Accuracy :

±1% full scale + one digit of the 2K Gauss range.

±2% full scale + one digit of the 20K Gauss range.

Resolution : 0.1% of full scale
Visual Display : 31/2 Digit LED DPM.
Power : 9Volt DC Battery Operate
Size & Weight : 180 mm x 40 mm X 100mm and 1Kg approx.


General purpose instrument for accurate flux density measurement on magnetic and electromagnetic components such as relays, dc motors, magnets, loudspeakers, etc. Very useful for on line production testing.


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