Magnetic Equipments- Low Cost Permanent Magnetic Lifter

Permanent Magnetic Lifter (CAM TYPE)

Permanent Magnetic CAM Lifters are designed for transporting semi-finished products with flat faces such as machine parts, moulds, black steel plates, flat iron and steel materials etc. Powerful permanent magnetic material ensures very strong absorptive power and a wide attractive face for effective handling of jobs.

CAM Type Lifters can be easily operated as the attaching and detaching of jobs is done with Cam Mechanism. These Lifters are very powerful and care should be taken as attraction onto polished surface may cause scratches. These are practically maintenence free except keeping the good Magnetic face.

Hand Lift Magnets

Hand Lift Magnets can be very conveniently and safely used singly or in pair for pulling Steel Sheets and carrying Iron and Steel materials, Moulds, Dies etc. A new Cam mechanism is designed with Carbon Steel flap for easy operation. The ON position is when the handle is vertically up or right down and the releasing of job is done by turning the handle to the left.

As the work is held and released very smoothly the possibility of scratches on the holding surface is very less. Caution : DO NOT USE IT AS HOIST.

Toucher Magnets

Toucher Magnets are very useful for carrying jobs which otherwise would be difficult to handle due to complex shapes or high temperature. Attraction and Removal is done by simple one touch mechanism. They are very useful for positioning of small pieces at welding operation and a wide range of other applications. The release is done by a jack up lever.


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