Magnetic Equipments- Magnetiser (Capacitive Type)

Magnetiser (Capacitive Type)

STR Series of magnetisers cum demagnetisers are totally new types of machines which perform a dual role of charging and discharging of fully assembled speakers by just flick of a button.

They are basically high voltage capacitive discharge equipment which can fully saturate an assembled speaker magnet or fully discharge the same without having to dismantle them in any way.


STR Range of Magnetisers cum demagnetisers can fully charge or discharge assembled speakers. Hence they are adaptable for assembly line operation.

This saves a lot of time and labour of dismantling the magnets from speakers for discharging applications. The STR - Range pay for themselves in a short time.


  1. Operating voltage = 240 V A.C 1 Phase
  2. Output Voltage = 1200 volts (Adjustable)
  3. Mode 1 = Charging (cycle time - 3-4 sec)
  4. Output current = Pulse Train Tupe with 5 K.A. Peak
  5. Solid State - SCR based
  6. Discharging capacity = 99.9% of fully assembled speaker.


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