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Stream Magnets

Permanent Pipe Magnet

Star Trace's permanent Pipe Magnets protect processing equipment ans product purity by capturing ferrous contaminates in vertical flow systems. Star Trace Pipe Magnets provide product protection for many industries including flour, feed and grain, food processing, powder and bulk, chemical resin and plastic processing, etc., Self-cleaning electromagnetic pipe magnets are available.


  • Powerful Permanent Magnet
  • Door Mounted Magnet
  • Simplified Cleaning
  • All Welded Construction
  • Fit 4" to 20" Diameter Pipe
  • Stainless Steel housing

Wedge Magnet
For Pellet mill use :

Now you can effectively remove ferrous tramp from the discharge chute of the feeder conditioner. This means a last chance to catch tramp before it gets into the die, an important opportunity at a final, easily accessible point in the system,

"The Wedge" can be invaluable in any final narrow chute applications in which tramp metal may be washing off or bypassing other magnets in a systems. Permanent magnet in all-welded stainless steel assembly.

With a 30 degree wedge-shaped diverter head to avoid product build up or bridging. 6" high, 2-1/2" thick, length as ordered. Weight is approximately 2 pounds per inch of length.

Each Wedge Magnet comes complete with four mounting bolts ; no other parts necessary. Simply drill four through holes and position in chute to allow easy access for checking and cleaning. 5/16-18 tapped holes on 3" centers are provided in each end.


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