Vibrating Equipments- Test Sieve Shakers


Particle size is one of the most important properties of any bulk material. Electromagnetic Vibrating Test Sieve Shakers are engineered to provide dependable, accurate particle analysis, quickly and consistently.

Typical sample analysis applications include handling a variety of material characteristics, such as :

  • Pharmaceutical ingredients, powder and granular.
  • Chemical processing materials, powder and granular.
  • Aggregate materials, sand, cement, fire rock and gravel.

Test Sieve Shakers electromagnetic design offers many equipment-feature benefits compared with manual or motor-driven units. The electromagnetic shaker combines sharp, vertical motion with rotary motion at 3,600 vibrations per minute for optimum performance. These high speed, straight-line vibratory actions minimize particle deterioration, provide faster particle separation with improved accuracy and assure uniform particle size distribution.

Electromagnetic drives also assure outstanding durability with virtually no maintenance or part replacement. There are no motors to overheat or burn out, no belts, gears, pulleys or other moving components to wear and lubrication is not required.

Operation is simple. The operator places the nested sieves on the shaker, with the material being analysed in the top sieve and pushes the handle down to lock the sieves in position. The unit preset timer is then actuated to test the material sample. This time-control device guarantees uniformly-timed sample analysis. A rheostat control can be set to a fixed voltage value to assure a consistent analysis of all particle samples. despite line voltage variations. All design and operation noise levels conform with IS standards.

Test Sieve Shakers are compact, lightweight and can be easily moved to adjacent laboratories or testing facilities. Each shaker holds six 8-inch diameter Standard Screen fullheight testing sieves and a bottom pan, or twelve half-height sieves and a bottom pan. Units operate at 230 volt, 50Hz, single phase a.c.


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